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Radio communications

The radio allows players to communicate each other within a simulation using a text chat. To be able to communicate, a group of players must be inside the same simulation at the same time, with all their radios tuned to the same frequency/channel.

Radio model

Currently only one radio model based on the Motorola Spectra Clean Cab Railroad Radio is available. This is a two-way radio that can operate in full-duplex through separate TX (transmitter) and RX (receiver) channels.

This radio operates on the 97 AAR channels. Every channel is identified by a two-digit number that automatically translates to the corresponding AAR frequency. For example, channel 34 translates to 160.620MHz, thus, the radio user must not deal with frequencies.

Since TX and RX channels can be different, to tune the radio you must always enter four digits (with leading zeros). If you are provided with only one channel, for example 34, this means this channel is used for both TX and RX, must be entered as 3434, and then the radio operates in half-duplex.

Radio frontal.

The radio operates always in one of this modes:

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