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2020-11-19 - Version 0.12 deployed


2020-09-29 - Version 0.11 deployed


2020-08-18 - Version 0.10 deployed

In this release we are launching the Southwest U.S. scenery, featuring the full Cajon Subdivision. Cajon is one of the most popular locations for railfans and train spotters in the U.S. Starting at Barstow, double track travels through the desert up to Cajon Pass where meets the triple track from San Bernardino, giving a total of 80 challenging miles with steep grades and scenic deserts.

2020-07-21 - Version 0.9 deployed


2020-06-18 - New FAQ section

We have been very frugal in communication this first few months of existence, where all efforts and resources are put to development. This is our fault, and we are starting to alleviate this now. Our first announcement is a FAQ section on our website, where we will try to answer as many questions as we can. A feedback e-mail has been provided there.