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Frequently Asked Questions

What freedom do I have in this simulator?

Predefined tasks are available to start immediately. But you can also create your own tasks and trains. Then you can:

Where are the track monitor, the next speed and signal information, the destination marker, the grade indicator... ?

RunOnRails tries to mimic the real train driving experience. Don't expect that the simulator provide you with any advantage over a real train engineer. So watch for the mileposts to know where you are, be careful to not miss a signal or speedboard, use the locomotive distance counter, study the timetable in advance, figure out the grade from mileage or train response... and enjoy the experience of safely drive a train to its destination.

What are you working on right now?

How often will you release updates?

Our development process is iterative, but without a predefined iteration length. We are following this principles to release:

Will you release a downloadable desktop version?

We do not rule it out, but we are not working on this now. The new WASM and WebGL standards allow for graphical applications that run on web browsers at speeds like native code. Compiled to WASM programs (the technology we are using on the client side) are automatically assembled to native code for your CPU just after download, therefore it runs as fast as a native desktop application. Also, since server side performs almost all computing except graphics, your PC gets alleviated.

We think this approach brings great advantages. You can play from your Windows desktop PC at home, but likewise from your Mac laptop elsewhere. In addition, you have not to worry about any sowftare installation, configuration or update. Almost any current PC comes with a standards compliant browser and working graphics drivers preinstalled. This is all you need.

Will you release a VR version of the simulator?

We are conducting some tests with VR. Although it will not be in the coming releases, eventually RunOnRails will enter the VR world. Note that VR technology is still experimental in web browsers.

Where can I send my questions and feedback?


We greatly appreciate your feedback. Feel free to write us your questions, wishes and suggestions, your contributions will help us develop a better train simulator. But we are a small development team, and time spent responding is at expense of simulator features, so a FAQ like this, where most common questions are answered, is a reasonable middle ground.

We expend some time reading forums and social networks to know more about our fellow railfans, so we are also answering elsewhere questions in this FAQ.