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Welcome to RunOnRailsβ

A multiplayer online train driving simulator, currently in beta version. You can support this project by subscribing and playing.

What is RunOnRails?

What is not RunOnRails?

What trains and routes are now available?

What trains and routes will be available?

What is the main development roadmap?

What computer is needed?

Since most of the simulation computing is done in our servers, you will only need a mid range computer.

What do I need to download?

What about the price?

I want to start playing RunOnRails now! What do I need to do?

  1. Be sure your computer, your Internet connection and your web browser meet our requirements.
  2. Register to become a RunOnRails member.
  3. Pay the subscription on PayPal.
  4. Start playing.

Have a nice and safe trip!